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Cosplay and Comics?? I want to be my hero. (Remake english)


Good evening to all!

This is the first article remake in eglish. The original article are there in italian language -> Cosplay and Comics?? I want to be my hero.

When you read if you find some error please say to me…:)

A. “Good morning! Can I know what is you passion?”

B. Of course! I am proud to say you that I am enthusiast of cosplay and in each date I am very, very happy to take part at important event as Comics!

A. Cosplay? Comics? Are we still in Italy?

Today we speak about this passion, that few people understand: the cosplay’s passion.

In Italy, as other part of the World, we have place were people meet other people and noone know this, if in their life they had no interest in: videogames, films, cartoons, anime(Japanese cartoon with seriously thematic) and manga. But, not a normal passion…as…”Omg I love, love, I very love that film!”, an interest that carry you to share ideas and things with other people and then to make a fandom.

This places are called Comics. Events and places that carry high level business and tourism never bring by noone and nothing. We cant have a gain estimate because noone know how much people can get to spend for their passions, and if they can afford it.

Famous Comics are once a year, for example: Rimini Comics, Mantova Comics, Romics, Lucca Comics, Etna Comics. But there are other place from all Italy and abroad.

At this events we can found gadget and object from each category that I said before…and especially…they are famous for cosplayer’s space. Then… Who are cosplayer? And what is cosplay?

This passion was born overseas from very, very far away…A person who wants become a own character, from a series which he is fan and play as him. How?

These boys and girls before every Comics make a lot of search on the net about which is the best way to make clothes and object of their character. They can buy textiles and accessories or get help from tailor and dressmaker, and for objects they can use materials as “fimo” to make them….or, they can buy all on the net already made.

These fans put all themselves in the realization of their project and character, but it takes so much time and they arrive at the Comicss day with some details to fix.

If one day you can meet them…for example on a train…dont say “oh god are they stupid? What are they doing?”…they are not crazy! Take the opportunity to speak to them and discover a part of the world thet you dont know.

During events cosplayers are fully dressed and they can put in pose themrselves for photos with sets… Yjey will become for a day their fantastic and lovely charater.

It’s strange…noone speak about this and it is so sad. We should give more prominence to such events that brings tourism and more busines in this bad years.

What do you think?




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