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The hunt begin! The witcher! (article remake english)


the witcher

Hello guys! This is the second article remake in english the original italian article is here: Che la caccia abbia inizio. The Witcher.

Tell me if there are error  😛

I am in a shopping centre…a classic place where you can meet your friends. We decide to enter in an electronics store…when…on my right appears a mysterious place: the hall of video games.

I look my friends…and I propose this deviation… at the beginning they look me in a strange way, but then they agree. You have to know that a girl that proposes to see video games to boys…xD

The video gamess corridor(Is it the same for you?) is like a paradise…you foot enter in a paradise (the price…it’s not paradise). I look the shelves with bright eyes…all the games that are there…and…I see it: The Witcher….and I lose my self between thoughts.

THE WITCHER: today we don’t talk only about the “video games” but we talk about the world behind this. Start with the origin: It born as fantasy saga: 3 books, 5 novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, Polish writer. This saga tells about witcher’s events(or wieddźmin in polish o hexer) Geralt of Rivia, and then some year it became a movie(Wiedźmin – 2001), a television series, a comics, a role play, a game of cards and a popular video games(the first  you become aware when you discover The Witcher).

Plot: probable spoiler.

What is it about? Our attractive saga’s protagonist, Witcher Geralt of Rivia(called “white wolf” for his white hair) have the important role to protect people from monster of The Witcher’s world. Between all these people He saves the Queen Calanthe of Cintra Kingdom and her daughter, Pavetta(Has she psychic abilities?) and They invite him to the court for the upon receipt…where will take place the the groom’s research for the princess. But in the middle of festivities a steel knight appears(called porcupine) and He claims to have the right, from the birth of princess to marry her, He cites an ancient pact proposed to the King.

The agreement talk about a reward for porcupine, when He saved king’s life…the King promised to him to give something unexpected when He would return to court: the child conceived.

Is He tied to the witcher?

In somehow the witcher will save knight’s life and will him to marry the princess which He will fall in love madly.

This reality is not only famous but It became a real Polish giant: action, adventure and a special kind of fantasy, in which good and evil are not clearly separated as in other fantasy sagas.

I decided to talk about It because It’s just coming out the news that  will make a second film adaptation, set next the history bookss time as the video games, with the Mummy’s producers, and it will be released in theatres in 2017.

‘maybe because the film and the television series created… have been considered a failure?

The video games are divided into three chapters:

  • the first it sets 5 years after the episodes narrated in the books of the saga;
  • the second takes place only three months after the events of The Witcher and it goes to explain some facts that in the first chapter are unclear;
  • the third and final (?) chapter sets as sequel of the Witcher 2, which it should be the conclusion.

There been, also, released free packages as thanks to the saga’s fans, who have followed and supported…. but they are not opposed to users who wanted to download the cracked game.

Then tell me your impressions about this game and if you know a few more details, let me know!




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