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From to play videogames to National sport: eSports (remake english)



The cat says: “Why you do not knock? Do not you see I‘m working?”

Good morning my lovely readers this is the fourth episode of article remake in english.

This you can find the original article! 🙂 Da giocare ai videogiochi a sport nazionale: Gli eSport.

In the past you went out with your friends and you played with them, but then the video games arrived, the time wasnt the same more.

” Why do not you go out to play with friends? Switch off your Tv and you stop play video games”

“Why do not you study?”

Touché my dear

Sometimes ago Coni (Italian national Commission Olympique) has recognized thes video games as national sport,  called them Esport. This was to align Italy to other  World’s States.

We speak about League of Legends, Fifa, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, Street Fighter, Tekken e The King of Fighters and other more.

Who think that video games are a bad thing…. because you’re sitting, you’re doing nothing and you don’t approaches with other people….You have to realize that: if you play in a non-excessive (to play 24h-24h) and you train constantly….many studiess report are found that you can develop special skills such as:
  • how to play team (it is not easy, when people come from all over the world)
  • how to solve problems instantly
  • to decrease reaction times 
  • you learn to talk to people who are not always Italian (to find the best way to be able to explain)
  • to find strategies and techniques

But, in some ways… ven if you are a patient person, they carry you to take a dictionary and to find all kinds of words insults (which you really should avoid, but extreme cases … humans are human).

An example of eSports in my opinion is LOL or League of Leagends.

An RPG and a team strategy where teams of selected people (friends or randomly people across the world) have to collide with other teams in arenas and in different ways, with champions with an unique and different fight style. 

Recently the world games ended. The players won a true cup with a large size, that a normal cup would make itself look bad.

Players who have access to the video gamess world, are real top player treated as normal professional athletes… who spend their time in training with their team, always they are looking for strategy and they are studying the game.

These athletes are salaried and earn so much, that a person think twice if start working seriously on this…. especially in Italy, where now, more than half of the people are at home all day, where they are waiting for a work that they will find only in a future where things will change drastically.

This involves in a considerable amount of free time, that many young people can use it in the realization of their children’s dream, to play video games (personal commissions and housework separately). In some States these athletes are real divas who need bodyguards from home to school.

What will you want to do? The eSport player!!

And what do you think? For or against? We have to look at the two sides of the medal without immediately to say “you do not do anything all day.” Not so maybe you see it in one way and I in another.

Maybe you see it in one way and I in another.





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