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The importance of an egg in the history – part one – The egg of Columbus remake english article 6



Welcome to the 6th episode of english remake article!

There is the original italian article:L’importanza di un uovo nella storia – parte prima – L’uovo di Colombo

And other EnArt


We invite his lodship Cristoforo Colombo to attend at the Eminence Cardinal Mendoza’s dinner. For which event we believe to present to him our opinions on his departure.

Eminence Cardinal Mendoza’s Secretary

Returned from America, after a long journey, Columbus took the letter that had just been delivered and opened the seal. It contained an dinner invitation, which would be that evening at the home of Cardinal Mendoza.

He showed up to dinner on time….

“And here we are gentlemen” the Cardinal stood up and clinked his cup. “We are in front of one of the most famous men of recent times, but then, we’re not giving a party for nothing… no, we are gathered to talk about your journey, my dear Colombo. Tell us about these Americas, to discover a continenet is not a thing that someone have to do every day, is it not true?”

With the great Cardinal’s displeasure, the guests, before he had finished to speak, began to speak quietly  and one of them emerged and He said “discover a continent is not something that someone can do everyday ? We do not understand your eminence , anyone in possession of the same number of boats, a good crew and a good organization, can have success in this. It is not special, to navigate and to spot sea and land. “

And another “We are confident that the discovery of this new world is so special? I think it is the will of fate, the wind propels the ship and the case  carried you across these lands, that anyone could spot at the end of one storm. ” Everyone start to speak. Cardinal stood up and called everyone to order “My dear, my dear, please. Have we forgotten manners? Let to answer Colombo. Are you not interested in his words?”

Colombo, indignantly, stood up and began to talk. He went around the table, where there was still a serving dish and  He took an egg. “Gentlemen, before I’m going to answer, I want to issue a challenge. Which of you is able to stand on the table this egg will not need my answer.”

Other grumbles were followed, each invited to dinner took the egg and tried unsuccessfully to put straight the egg. When the egg came to the Cardinal, he had not success too. “Oh, what nonsense, that is impossible. So please show us how you really can do to stand on an egg that for nature can’t.”

Columbus took the egg and tapped it against the table, the egg stood. One of the guests jumped up, “What nonsense! We could do it, too!”. Christopher turned to him and looking into his eyes, as he did to each invited “The difference, gentlemen, is that you could have do it, but I do it!”.

From that day Christopher Columbus became the protagonist of the stories in many cities where people spread this anecdote as “the egg of Columbus”.

This episode of the story, which is not always told, and that a lot of people dont know  would seem a detail that the people invented, in the past.

I enjoyed imagining what  they said at the dinner and it is nice to know that there are stories like this, to explain how something impossible, with the use of the head becomes possible.

And what do you think? Did you know him the egg of Columbus?




2 risposte a "The importance of an egg in the history – part one – The egg of Columbus remake english article 6"

  1. I wasn’t aware of this at all. I’ve always heard about it without ever knowing the real meaning behind it, which is actually quite cool. It truly shows how a different perspective can lead to various outcomes and unfold possibilities. We can do every single thing we put our mind to.

    Liked by 1 persona


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