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if I am a ghost. I screamed and the only thing that I had was a gold ball.


Welcome to the 7th episode of english remake articles!

There is the original italian article:E se io non fossi solo un fantasma? Urlavo e urlavo e l’unica cosa che avevo era una palla dorata.

Others articles there:EN ART

It is true or It is not true? Is there or It is not there?

For years, I’m watching people pass across this place…. always they whisper the same questions. I see them excited and afraid by every little noise, breath of wind and creaking floor.

I know, they are here for me. They are here to see the ghost (as they call me ) a little girl, a child but…I have only a child appearance, but perhaps, child’s mentality, despite all the time. They bring equipment, that they call: recorders, monitors and detectors.

But they do not know, ghosts feel the weight of time. The weighs on soul, that remains connected to the place where they die….

Why I stay here? Why can not I find peace?

Maybe I’m just waiting someone that help me to find an answer, or someone who can help me to remember what happened to me….instead of coming here, just to investigate and feel satisfied if you scare them, with whisperings…when I ask help to search my mom and  dad, because I didnt meet them since years, and I ask if they know where they are. Where are my parents?

I still remember the loneliness that I felt, the fear… and I dont know.. what I can do… a little girl, without anyone except herself…the advance of the years, the same body and soul, but I’m feeling old.

If I touch the only object that I always had with me, this… teleport me to that day..which It is not so far away for me….

It was 1375 June 21, the summer solstice. I could hear the maids and women, who worked in the castle talk about this…and the guards too. It does not change nothing, for me, I had my ball, I had my games and I was a happy little girl, after all. I was 5 years old, for which, I was so little…In those days I was sad because my father had to leave to war, and outside there was one of the worst storms in recent years, everyone said. And I believed them, because it was since I was born that I was not allowed to leave the castle’s walls and I can not look out, on a world completely different, from my…..My mother had entrusted me to two guards and shw recommended to be good to me, while she was busy with some castle’s  issues.
I was playing with my little ball, when I passed in front of a mirror, I stopped to look at me: I had a nice, beautifull dress and I liked to rotate the long skirt…It was the last gift for my fifth birthday from my mother and my father.
I observed my blue eyes, they were combined to the flowerss colors “do not forget me”, embroidered on the dress …. my white skin, that reflected the light of the lilies, and my hair …everyone told me that I was special because I was born with white hair (albino, they told me), my mother believed it would be better to dye it black, so that noone could take maliciously advantage (my parents wanted to protect me, and was also, why I was not allowed to get out), but in vain.
Were special that day when my mother tried to dye it, my hair in rebellion, did not keep the color and changed again: they became blue, like my eyes.
I still remember the face of my father when see me, blue as the sky. He called me “Azzurrina!”, And I think, that if before he thought, it was best do not let me to go out … I locked up in the castle, forever.
But that day I was happy, I was running accross the halls with my ball, until I threw it forcefully in front of me… without noticing the stairs…
I turned back and I did not see the guards (they had the habit of drinking, so they did not take care of me…and they did not notice me). My ball had fallen down stairs and I started to run behind it.
And that is how my life changed: I ran, I ran, I did not find my ball…. Darkness surrounded me, and I began to cry and scream, I was screaming the name of my mother, my father, but no one came.

I found myself in a hallway, the ball at my feet, the moonlight through the windows.
I took the ball, I looked around, who could tell me something if I had peeked now out the window?
I was a little girl so curious..I was curious of what was out there.

And it was at that moment, that I saw one of them, for the first time….

He was carrying an object that emitted strange noises, He pointed it against me and started to scream “Here !!! Come all, I saw her!! I saw Azzurrina’s ghost “.


Over the years I could hear, from these people, that still, now, challenge to spend the night in the castle, that I was dead. Or rather, noone could say what happened that June 21. And if I listen to them, I’ll scream, but they do not understand me.

They consider me a monster and at the first  times, this, made me sick, because I was really a little girl … but in all these years I was changed.

That is a story that I invented, based on the history of Montebello castle’s ghost in Rimini(IT), the Azzurrina’s ghost.

The story really says that on the summer solstice this little girl of 5 years old, albino, was vilified by all, because it was associated with witchcraft, his appearance, and imprisoned in the castle for protection, from her parents…She was disappeared, when she ran behind her ball, down the stairs.

And noone knows what happened to her, because noone found her alive or dead. We only know that the two guards who had to take care of her… ran down the stairs after they heard a loud scream from stairs.

There are scientists and scholars, who every year go to the castle to study phenomena that happen. In the past they have documented the appearance of bluish ghost and they could to record her voice called his mother.

Have you ever heard this legend? Have you ever visited the Castle? Let me know if in your city there are ghosts or similar mysterious places.





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