Inktober2018: Day 31 Slice – Pezzo – Fetta.


Inktober Day 9: screech (stridio) 

C’è chi lo sente e chi non lo sente il fastidioso rumore che fa una forchetta quando arrotoli la pasta sul cucchiaio di metallo o sul piatto. 

Particolare ispirazione dalle tagliatelle al ragú della domenica e dalla pubblicità di D&G 😍😍😍🙄🙄🙄🙌🙌🙌✌️

if I am a ghost. I screamed and the only thing that I had was a gold ball.


Welcome to the 7th episode of english remake articles!

There is the original italian article:E se io non fossi solo un fantasma? Urlavo e urlavo e l’unica cosa che avevo era una palla dorata.

Others articles there:EN ART

It is true or It is not true? Is there or It is not there?

For years, I’m watching people pass across this place…. always they whisper the same questions. I see them excited and afraid by every little noise, breath of wind and creaking floor. Continua a leggere

From to play videogames to National sport: eSports (remake english)



The cat says: “Why you do not knock? Do not you see I‘m working?”

Good morning my lovely readers this is the fourth episode of article remake in english.

This you can find the original article! 🙂 Da giocare ai videogiochi a sport nazionale: Gli eSport.

In the past you went out with your friends and you played with them, but then the video games arrived, the time wasnt the same more.

” Why do not you go out to play with friends? Switch off your Tv and you stop play video games”

“Why do not you study?”

Touché my dear

Sometimes ago Coni (Italian national Commission Olympique) has recognized thes video games as national sport,  called them Esport. This was to align Italy to other  World’s States. Continua a leggere

Cosplay and Comics?? I want to be my hero. (Remake english)


Good evening to all!

This is the first article remake in eglish. The original article are there in italian language -> Cosplay and Comics?? I want to be my hero.

When you read if you find some error please say to me…:)

A. “Good morning! Can I know what is you passion?”

B. Of course! I am proud to say you that I am enthusiast of cosplay and in each date I am very, very happy to take part at important event as Comics!

A. Cosplay? Comics? Are we still in Italy?

Today we speak about this passion, that few people understand: the cosplay’s passion.

In Italy, as other part of the World, we have place were people meet other people and noone know this, if in their life they had no interest in: videogames, films, cartoons, anime(Japanese cartoon with seriously thematic) and manga. But, not a normal passion…as…”Omg I love, love, I very love that film!”, an interest that carry you to share ideas and things with other people and then to make a fandom. Continua a leggere